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"Pirates of the South Sea" Chinese Coin & Crescent Sterling Silver Cuff

$ 257.00

This gorgeous statement cuff encases a vintage commemorative Chinese coin that features a double masted "Junk" style sailboat and the characters for its denomination. Two hand-cut and cratered sterling silver crescent moons were placed on the top and bottom signifying that cycles of change that all adventures have to adapt to. Six sterling silver embellishments spheres sit atop the moons and connect them to the warm and golden-toned brass bezel that encompasses the coin. This cuff looks as though it was pulled straight out of a treasure chest from the bottom of the southern seas. It is a size large and is slightly adjustable. The total circumference of the cuff is approximately 7 3/4" around including the 1 inch gap. This design -can- be made up to an inch smaller at no additional charge, please leave a note with your order if you would like it to be adjusted. 


Components discovered in Quartzsite AZ



After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in a design. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it is preserved and/or sealed to ensure its longevity and protection. Each and every item is made by hand by owners Nathan and Ali, therefore, some small imperfections or variations may be present in your design. To us, this only adds to the beauty and rarity of your particular piece. 1888 Design does not claim ownership over the design or production of any vintage, antique, or otherwise repurposed object used in the creation of our jewelry. 

Each 1888 Design piece contains unique elements of symbolic or historic value that mean something different to us all. Let's break down what the elements in this design are

Crescent Moon

The crescent moon is the moon phase that appears just before and after a new moon. Because new moons represent a state of recharge and new beginnings, the crescent moon’s focus is on preparing oneself for the next cycle. A waning moon (just before a new moon) invites one to wipe away the energy of the previous cycle, shake off any negativity and clear up space in your life for new ideas, beliefs, materials and manifestations to come. The waxing moon on the other hand (just after a new moon), is all about taking those intentions set under the new moon and seeing them into fruition. Preparation, visualization, and taking your first small steps towards your goals is what the waxing crescent moon invites us to do.

"Junk" Sailboat

A junk (Chinese: 船; pinyin: chuán) is a type of Chinese sailing ship with fully battened sails used as merchant ships to trade goods around Southeast Asia.


Coins have been around for millennia as currency but what they mean to us is so much more. From the very beginning peoples have been stamping them with the images and symbols that represent the most important aspects of their cultures and heritages. These little treasures, most made of precious metals, take on a life of their own as they are passed from person to person while journeying throughout the world. They carry with them ideas and images of far-off places to new lands and new peoples. One can often feel the energy or wu in many coins, especially those that have been traveling for hundreds or even thousands of years. A coin’s patina, scratches and wear often add artistic value showcasing its long history.

The concept of money has value far beyond the stamped denominations on a coin or bill. Money represents the countless possibilities one can add to their life by having this tool in surplus. Having this tool is a necessary part of life and building positive associations with our currencies can assist us in building a beautiful life.


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