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About Us


Meet Nathan & Ali

Nathan and Ali of 1888 design are a duo of nomadic artists that travel North America in their 1988 Chevy Van unearthing and uncovering lost, damaged or forgotten artifacts to use as components in their repurposed jewelry.
Nathan grew up in Vermont spending most of his childhood exploring and uncovering the natural beauty of the woods while Ali grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with only two interests in mind- expanding her variety of artistic abilities and expanding her horizons through travel.
When Nathan and Ali met in Southern California, they had an immediate artistic connection that soon grew into a life partnership that fuses romance and business into a singular purpose. Nathan brings his love of nature and earthen objects into 1888 Design’s jewelry while Ali brings the more edgy industrial styles, creating a synergy that offers a wide array of designs offering something for everyone.
The name 1888 Design came from an old coin that Nathan picked up from the Wedgewood flea market in Nashville TN that had the date 1888 on it. He took it home and made it into a necklace. When people would ask him where he got it Nathan would explain that he had made it and began making similar necklaces for those who showed interest, and it has only grown from there. So, the first design ever made for the company was made with an 1888 Indian head cent and thus the name 1888 Design was brought into existence.
1888 Design has really come into its own with the addition of Ali who joined the company in late 2020. She had been upcycling found objects into works of art including jewelry for years before meeting Nathan. The fusion of their work has cultivated a harmonious synergy of two creative minds that intend to passionately continue the growth and expansion of their purpose.
Nathan and Ali believe that their low waste nomadic lifestyle serves an important role in their work. They consider their travels a way to inspire others while finding inspiration for themselves, creating a cycle of mutual encouragement to seek out not only new places, but new perspectives and modes of being.