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"Treasure Chest" Bahama Starfish Coin & Mixed Metal Backer Necklace

$ 85.00

This Bahama one-cent starfish coin was encased in solid brass and placed atop two hammered sterling silver and brass backers to make it look as if it was pulled straight out of a treasure chest. This necklace gives beachy vibes that send you right back to your favorite memories of surf and sand. This gorgeous pendant has been strung on a 19" rectangular brass link chain. 

Components discovered in Cottonwood AZ

After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in a design. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it is preserved and/or sealed to ensure its longevity and protection. Each and every item is made by hand by owners Nathan and Ali, therefore, some small imperfections or variations may be present in your design. To us, this only adds to the beauty and rarity of your particular piece. 1888 Design does not claim ownership over the design or production of any vintage, antique, or otherwise repurposed object used in the creation of our jewelry. 

Each 1888 Design piece contains unique elements of symbolic or historic value that mean something different to us all. Let's break down what the elements in this design are


One of the world’s most incredible creatures, this invertebrate can actually regrow its own limbs. There’s a story my high school biology teacher told the class about a fishing village where all of the fisherman were fed up with how many starfish they had to peel of their nets. In order to solve the problem they chopped the starfish in half and threw them back into the water. The fisherman has no idea that by chopping the starfish in half they were making the problem worse! Both halves of the starfish would regenerate their missing halves and now instead of one starfish, there were two.


An undeniable symbol of one’s own worth. One of the most valued tangible (nowadays more or less conceptual) items amongst mankind, is money. And why it is so valuable is not because of the item or numerical digit inside our bank account itself- but the countless possibilities it can represent for one’s life. When we relate to the positive associations of the coin, we remember that we hold the necessary tools inside ourselves to build the life of our dreams, to sustain our own lives and those we look after, to treat ourselves kindly, and to even uplift the sense of worth in others with the unspoken words “you deserve this” as we pass these tools along to one another. 

Since the very beginning of coins’ existence, they have also served as an amazing visual display of a territory’s history, accomplishments, and culture, making them a potent symbol of pride and remembrance of where we came from and what makes us, us.


Brass is a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc which has gained popularity because of its bright color and resistance to wear. Like all other natural elements of the world- gemstones, planets, spirit animals, and so on- metals, too, hold rich symbolic meaning and characteristics. After all, there were entire periods of human civilization named after these earthly materials, such as the Iron and Bronze ages. Brass has been known to be associated with endurance, positivity, problem-solving, and youthfulness of the mind.


This lustrous and malleable metal has been a part of the human story for millennia. As early as 3000 BCE there were large-scale hard rock silver mines found in Anatolia, which is now modern-day Turkey, that supplied the surrounding city-states. However, the story of silver can be traced to as early as 5000 BCE when it was mined alongside ancient copper deposits on a smaller scale. Similar to gold silver doesn’t rust or tarnish like other metals and can be smithed into beautiful jewelry, vessels for carrying or drinking from, and has innumerable other uses. It exhibits the highest thermal and electrical conductivity and reflectivity of any metal.  In the Americas, silver was commonly repurposed from Spanish coins as source material for Native American jewelry makers


Kate L

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