"The Starying & Yangkey" 1888 Design Necklace
"The Starying & Yangkey" 1888 Design Necklace
"The Starying & Yangkey" 1888 Design Necklace
"The Starying & Yangkey" 1888 Design Necklace
"The Starying & Yangkey" 1888 Design Necklace

"The Starying & Yangkey" 1888 Design Necklace

Reimagined Components: Antique Star Key, Sterling Silver Crescent Moon, Star & Ying Yang Symbol Strung On 26" Brown Leather. 

1888 Nate's Take: "There must be light and dark in a cycle to make us appreciate the other absence of the other. But the moon is often seen in the daytime and the stars at night remind us, that the other is never far away."


~Crescent Moon & Star Symbol~

The crescent moon inspires imagination & creativity. The crescent symbol often with an accompanying star may have its origins in ancient Babylonia, having its earliest written example found more than 6000 years ago. The earliest hieroglyphs found depicting the Crescent and Star were dated to 4500 B. C. The crescent hanging with points up towards the sun is a Cherokee symbol of harmony.


Our imaginations have been captivated by the stars since the first sentient human looked up and wondered what those iridescent glowing orbs could possibly be. The five-pointed star has been found on mason jars dating back to 3100 B.C.E uncovered North of Thebes in Egypt. It's been etched onto ancient Mesopotamian tablets dating back to 3200 B.C.E.What makes the Star such a prolific symbol across human culture? Perhaps, it’s close association to the heavens or its perfect Pythagorean geometry. It represents hope, serves as a guiding light to show us the way home and so much more..."

~Keys / Locks~

Historically, Keys have been used for everything from winding pocket watches to switching on the first two-way radios! The most common symbolic meaning used for the key is its power to unlock the door to the heart, opportunity or adventure. Companies like PF Corbin (known for their beautifully engraved “Carded keys”) or the Tower company (1865 founder John Tower) who was responsible for the first metal handcuff, remind us that the key to life is making sure you have the right tools before approaching opportunity. 

~Ying & Yang~

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. 

Art-n-facts: This 1888 Design is a *One of a Kind.  

After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in one of our designs. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it's preserved & sealed to ensure its longevity & protection. 


1888 Design 

History. You. Wear. 

Vintage // Antique // Reimagined.

-Nathan H. Mott