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"Persistence" Vintage Arcade Token Necklace

$ 67.00

This vintage arcade token was restored to a perfect shine before being set in a classy hand-made hammered brass eye style setting. It has been strung on a 19.5" braided brass rope chain.  

Components discovered in Quartzsite AZ

After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in a design. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it is preserved and/or sealed to ensure its longevity and protection. Each and every item is made by hand by owners Nathan and Ali, therefore, some small imperfections or variations may be present in your design. To us, this only adds to the beauty and rarity of your particular piece. 1888 Design does not claim ownership over the design or production of any vintage, antique, or otherwise repurposed object used in the creation of our jewelry. 

Each 1888 Design piece contains unique elements of symbolic or historic value that mean something different to us all. Let's break down what the elements in this design are

Arcade Token

Vintage amusement and arcade tokens hold a special place in our hearts, bringing back memories of that special place where our parents would drop us off with a little spending cash and let us be free! The four walls that marked the edge of the arcade might as well have been our whole universe as far as we were concerned, where anything goes and the little trinkets you could buy with those tickets, well, they were as good as gold.


During my time in Nashville, I lived in a brick building that had a balcony overlooking a field. One morning while drinking my coffee I stood on the balcony and stared at all the field mice darting from one bush to another. I recall narrowing in on one mouse in particular thinking about how it was just living its little mouse life when suddenly an eagle diving from a nearby tree with unbelievable speed seemed to tackle the mouse! The eagle rolled, and the mouse spun with it while being trapped in its talons. The eagle then flapped its wings just twice hard and was back in the air. I watched it glide gracefully on the morning breeze and land back on the same branch it had launched from. I watched as it ate its breakfast and was reminded of life's uncertainty and that everything can change without warning. But I was also proud of the eagle for showing me how to survive, how to take only what is needed and not prolong suffering. It was over in an instant and life went on… -Nathan

The Eagle on ancient Roman coins was a symbol of strength, courage, and immortality. They called it Aquila and it was believed to be the King of the birds.


Kate L

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