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"Golden Growl" 1888 Design Necklace
"Golden Growl" 1888 Design Necklace
"Golden Growl" 1888 Design Necklace
"Golden Growl" 1888 Design Necklace

"Golden Growl" 1888 Design Necklace

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This 1888 Design is a: One of a kind


Reimagined Components: Vintage growling lion with long arrow backing strung on 28" braided brass rope chain. 

1888 Nate's Take: "I have learned recently that a good growl has it's time and place..." 


The traditional Leo totem, the lion is a figure of courage and strength. Legend says that they sleep with open eyes, ready at all times.

Primarily a nocturnal animal the lion is a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thought.

In the realm of spirit animals, the lion wins the prize for the most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. The presence of this power animal can mean that something “wild” or difficult to control is happening. As such, lions symbolize emotions that are difficult to manage, such as anger or fear.

Wisdom, Power, Royalty, Dignity, Courage, Justice, Ferocity, Dominion, Authority, Honor, Courage, Royalty, Strength and Leadership.


An arrow knows where it will land the moment it is let loose. Once the archer releases, there is no second chance. At birth we all begin a journey with our inner arrow guiding the way, so follow your arrow, feel the wind in your hair & enjoy the ride!

1888 Design
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-Nathan H. Mott