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"Know Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Know Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Know Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Know Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace

"Know Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace

This 1888 Design is a: One of a kind

Art-n-facts: "Know Thyself"

Reimagined Components: Sterling silver turquoise Navajo pendant and salvaged sterling feathers. 

1888 Nate's Take: "In this world of constant distraction why must we retreat to know ourselves...climb to the top of a mountain or go to the middle of the desert to be with that friend we are always with...ourselves. Our inner space deserves our attention because it is indeed you. Separate from your body of thoughts and needs and wants and spend a moment with that person, that consciousness that is thinking those thoughts...the actual you...why? Because there will never be enough out there...but there is one place where there is always enough...where you are always enough...with yourself."



My Mother used to say that if you came across a feather lying in your path, it’s a sign that you are headed in the right direction, your true path, and you should pick it up and keep it as a talisman of luck for your journey.



The Navajo Indians used hawk and eagle feathers to make their “Headdress of feathers”. Only warriors who had displayed extraordinary bravery were allowed to wear it




For thousands of years, turquoise has been prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and immortality. In many Native American cultures, it represents the great spirit in the sky and is often referred to as the Sky Stone. It’s believed that if a crack forms in the stone, it has taken the injury for its wearer.



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-Nathan H. Mott