"Protector of Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Protector of Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Protector of Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Protector of Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace
"Protector of Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace

"Protector of Thyself" 1888 Design Necklace

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This 1888 Design is a:

One of a Kind

Reimagined Components: Vintage Lockwood key and clear quartz crystal filled .22 caliber bullet casing with antler charm strung on a 23'' braided brass chain

1888's Take: One of the most powerful weapons one can hold up against the world is the ability to protect yourself. Life will continuously throw challenges your way and the ability to take the hit, stand up against it, and come out even stronger, will ultimately be up to you and you alone. If that can be done, imagine what else you could be capable of. 


The creatures of earth that wear a crown of Antlers are a potent symbol of rebirth and the natural cycle of regeneration. The bony growths with their natural strength and fierce points serve as a warning of inner strength. We must all take the lesson of living each moment to the fullest with complete attention because strength by nature is impermanent. This impermanence is the very thing makes them such a powerful symbol. Guardianship and wisdom are a secondary meaning of the antler. The raised head and strong inhalations of these animals as they seek out danger in the air reminds us that we have many guardians both in this world and the next to thank for our safety.


Bullets symbolize a strong resolve and preparedness for life’s challenges, but 1888’s favorite and intended meaning is that the bullet you wear is the one that was intended for you. Wearing it around your neck gives you back the ability to control your own destiny & doubles as a symbol of protection.


Quartz crystal is ideal for strength, healing, emotional clearing, meditation, and lucid dreaming.

~Keys / Locks~

 The right key can unlock the door to a lover’s heart, a new and bright opportunity, a once in a lifetime adventure, a chest of treasure, a deep and dark secret, or even change time itself by the winding of an old grandfather clock… Historically, Companies like PF Corbin (known for their beautifully engraved “Carded keys”) or the Tower company (1865 founder John Tower) who was responsible for the first metal handcuff, can serve as a reminder that there is beauty in having the key to free ourselves…but taking the first step through the door is entirely up to you…one key, one lock…but what’s on the other side of the door is infinite possibility.


After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in one of our designs. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it's preserved & sealed to ensure its longevity & protection. 


1888 Design 

History. You. Wear. 

Vintage // Antique // Reimagined.

-Nathan & Ali