"Rest & Realignment" 1888 Design Earrings
"Rest & Realignment" 1888 Design Earrings
"Rest & Realignment" 1888 Design Earrings
"Rest & Realignment" 1888 Design Earrings

"Rest & Realignment" 1888 Design Earrings

This 1888 Design is a:

One of a Kind

Reimagined Components: 22 caliber spent bullet casings with howlite spears on brass fish hook earrings. 

1888's Take: Often times when we are overly excited, stressed, or anxious for our future plans to unfold, we find ourselves lost in a sea of activities and tasks to accomplish. The emotions, whether good or bad, trigger our bodies to get into work mode to make those dreams a reality, to overcome that hurdle, or to make it out of the storm alive. What we often forget on the to-do list is the imperative task of rest... to slow down, reset, realign, recollect, rewire, repair... This is no small stepping stone but yet a huge, crucial part of tackling any big challenge or manifestation. Allow these symbols of pursuance to remind you that while keeping your focus on your goals bulletproof, be sure to pencil in some quiet time to relax and reset. Your mind and body will thank you.  


This stone has a super-calming element and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.


Bullets symbolize a strong resolve and preparedness for life’s challenges, but 1888’s favorite and intended meaning is that the bullet you wear is the one that was intended for you. Wearing it around your neck gives you back the ability to control your own destiny & doubles as a symbol of protection.


After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in one of our designs. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it's preserved & sealed to ensure its longevity & protection. 


1888 Design 

History. You. Wear. 

Vintage // Antique // Reimagined.

-Nathan & Ali