"Wild Windy Dance" 1888 Design Necklace
"Wild Windy Dance" 1888 Design Necklace
"Wild Windy Dance" 1888 Design Necklace
"Wild Windy Dance" 1888 Design Necklace
"Wild Windy Dance" 1888 Design Necklace

"Wild Windy Dance" 1888 Design Necklace

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This 1888 Design is a: 

One of a Kind

Reimagined Components: Vintage Vermont state pin, antique Slaymaker 2614 key and gold tone maple tree leaf strung on a 26'' brass boxcar chain

Components Found in: Long Beach CA

1888's Take:  “I used to pretend that the woods surrounding our Vermont cabin, were the 100 Acre Wood from the Winnie The Pooh stories. I imagined for myself as those characters did, that the forest itself, the animals, the landscape were all there to be a welcome partner in my wild imaginings.” - Nathan

"You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes." - Winnie The Pooh


~Vermont / Maple leaf~

I recall vividly the fiery oranges and reds blanketing the mountain terrain around my childhood home in Vermont. They would always inspire autumnally potent imaginings as I watched their wild windy dance... and, when my eyes had had their fill, I'd close them tight as to momentarily shut out the pulsating array of Vermont mountain fire. This was for me to be able to focus on the distinctly satisfying crackle and rustle the leaves made as they clung to their last few moments of connection with their parent tree. I think these fragile creations of nature can be thought of as representing unconditional giving and strength through seasonal rebirth. spending their short lives feeding their parent tree by making simple sugars through the process of photosynthesis while simultaneously creating oxygen for all earthen creatures to be able to take our life-giving breaths. Now that is what I call selfless. Luck is also associated with the symbol of a leaf. I think that's because to be a leaf, is to be lucky enough to have and know purpose without question. And, my mother used to say If you catch a leaf on its fall to the ground you will have luck all year.

~Keys / Locks~

The right key can unlock the door to a lover’s heart, a new and bright opportunity, a once in a lifetime adventure, a chest of treasure, a deep and dark secret, or even change time itself by the winding of an old grandfather clock…

Historically, Companies like PF Corbin (known for their beautifully engraved “Carded keys”) or the Tower company (1865 founder John Tower) who was responsible for the first metal handcuff, can serve as a reminder that there is beauty in having the key to free ourselves…but taking the first step through the door is entirely up to you…one key, one lock…but what’s on the other side of the door is infinite possibility.

After each artifact or specimen has been discovered it is sent through a careful restoration process before being used in a design. If a particularly unique patina is found to add design value to an artifact, it's preserved & sealed to ensure its longevity & protection. 


1888 Design
Upcycled Jewelry
Vintage / Antique / Reimagined
-Nathan & Ali