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1888 Design Necklace "Cephalopoda"
1888 Design Necklace "Cephalopoda"
1888 Design Necklace "Cephalopoda"
1888 Design Necklace "Cephalopoda"
1888 Design Necklace "Cephalopoda"

1888 Design Necklace "Cephalopoda"

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Reimagined Components: 1981 squid and bull #10 coin feather and vintage key strung on 26" brown leather. 

1888 Nate's Take:  "For the life of me I can't figure out why a group of squid isn't called a squad....we really missed the boat on this....I'll show myself out..."

*A squid has 8 Arms and 2 tentacles which makes the denomination of 10 a clever idea from the coin's designer. 


The squid a symbol represents defense, not through brute force but being clever enough to think ahead and adapt rather than react. Squid are cephalopods in the superorder Decapodiformes with elongated bodies, large eyes, eight arms, and two tentacles.


My Mother always said that if you find a feather it’s a symbol that you are on your true path, you should pick it up & keep it for luck on your journey. Commonly has represented everything from the center of the cosmos to luck. Used in countless cultures around the globe for rituals, ceremonies, as a status symbol or even a plain ol' writing tool the feather can also be a symbol of versatility. The Navajo Indians used hawk and eagle feathers to make their “Headdress of feathers”. Only warriors who had displayed extraordinary bravery were allowed to wear it. In the stories created by our jewelry, 1888's feathers represent freedom & the need to soar towards passion. Oh, & a little good luck never hurts.

~Keys / Locks~

Historically, Keys have been used for everything from winding pocket watches to switching on the first two-way radios! The most common symbolic meaning used for the key is its power to unlock the door to the heart, opportunity or adventure. Companies like PF Corbin (known for their beautifully engraved “Carded keys”) or the Tower company (1865 founder John Tower) who was responsible for the first metal handcuff, remind us that the key to life is making sure you have the right tools before approaching opportunity.

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