Q: Do we do customs?

Yes, HOWEVER, because of the nature of how we create our upcycled designs we can't fabricate an idea from scratch. Rather, we will attempt to create a custom combination of our upcycled materials that suites the desired theme/idea for the customer. We always try our best to accommodate, but we can't guarantee that we will or will not have specific components available. All custom inquiries will need to be discussed via email or IG direct message. 

Q: Do we do private showings? 

Yes, there is a minimum purchase of $150 required to bring our jewelry to you when we are traveling near your location. Our private showings are similar to our public market set ups where we will display our entire inventory for your event in person and explain the history and origins of each design. All private showings will need to be discussed via email or IG direct message. 

Q: Do we do chain replacements and/or repairs?

In the event that your chain happens to break somewhere down the line, we do offer chain replacements given that we have your chain in stock and it is not a specialty/vintage reused chain. For jewelry repairs, please reach out via email or IG direct message to discuss replacements and we can discuss the nature of the repair and if we would be able to accommodate. 

Q: Can we adjust the chain length on a necklace? 

Yes, however there are some designs where that is not possible. Just reach out to us via email or IG direct message to inquire about any changes. 

Q: Are our earrings hypoallergenic? 

We use sterling silver, stainless steel, and brass metals for our earring hooks. Sterling and stainless steel are both completely hypoallergenic metals, where as brass can react differently amongst people. We would advise you to know how your body reacts to brass prior to purchasing any of our brass-hooked designs. Material descriptions are always given in our "reimagined components" section of each product page. 

Q: Do we ship internationally? 

No. We currently only ship within the united states. Please reach out if interested in an international purchase as some exceptions can be made.